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This stylish gift pack contains two Tilley Green branded 12oz Cappuccino Bowls and two 250g bags of ground coffee in a choice of Bright & Breezy Breakfast or Smooth & Mellow Everyday. Suitable for cafetieres or filter machines both these blends are a delicious way to enjoy a Tilley coffee moment!

Bright & Breezy Breakfast is better than any alarm clock and has to be a perfect way to kick start your day! Colombian Arabica beans roasted to bring out wonderful orange notes with toasty toffee, caramel sweetness and a hint of nuttiness in the finish. Delicious!!

Smooth & Mellow Everyday is a great brew at any time of the day or night! A blend of Arabica and Robusta beans from Brazil, Central America, Ethiopia, and India. This medium dark roast results in a full-bodied coffee with rich toffee sweetness and hints of cocoa. Balanced yet gutsy! Amazing!